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Personal Injury & Employment law

The term ‘personal injury’ covers a broad range of injury and accident types, from whiplash sustained from a car accident, to a broken ankle from slipping on a pavement, to cerebral palsy caused through medical negligence. A personal injury can be physical or psychological and can have long or short-term effects.

Probate & Succession

Death and Taxes are the only certainties in life. We assist estate planning through the drafting of wills, which can range from outright giving to the creation of trusts. Applications for the Grant of Letters of Administration and the Grant of Probate are necessary upon death and allow your administrator/executor to manage your estate.

With the growth and emergence of the financial planner in our daily lives, our role as lawyers to our clients — helping them with succession matters, wealth management issues and the preservation of wealth — has become critical.

Company Law  

If you are registering, buying or selling a business, re-structuring your business, entering into a Joint Venture, borrowing funds or entering into any obligation such as a Lease, you need objective sound legal advice. Preferably you should see a Solicitor before you sign any documents that will mean that you have entered into a binding Agreement.

Our view is that you should only sign Contracts once you have discussed them thoroughly, understand what they mean and are happy with their terms. It is better to do things once and get it right rather than as so often happens, have to employ lawyers to sort out what should have been done correctly at the beginning. By doing things right the first time you will save yourself considerable legal expense.

We have a commercial law team that advises across a wide range of activities and we would be happy to see you sooner rather than later for your own protection.

Real Estate & Conveyancing

Real Estate is a very valuable asset, probably the most valuable asset you own, and whether you are buying your first home or selling several investment properties it is important that you get legal advice. You will be presented with complex documents very early in the buying or selling process, and our friendly professional team will be happy to advise you on their sometimes bewildering contents – ideally before you have signed anything.

Whether you wish to buy, sell, lease or refinance what is possibly the biggest and most sought-after asset in Kenya or elsewhere in the world, we provide quality and personal service to ensure that the transaction takes place smoothly. We offer step by step legal advice and assistance through the entire process of acquiring, disposal or refinancing of your desired property.

Criminal Litigation

There are two broad categories in Criminal Litigation: the withdrawal/reduction of charges and mitigation of a guilty plea and/or a full defense to a criminal charge.

In the first category, clients may agree that they are guilty in the circumstances but find the charge excessive. We would then represent the client to get the charge withdrawn or reduced. If the client then proceeds to plead guilty, we will assist the client in the sentencing process.

In the second category, the client does not agree to the charge and wants to prove his/her innocence. In this case, we will represent the client through the process of criminal litigation; all the way to trial, and thereafter appeal, if necessary.

Probono Services

We offer legal aid at highly subsidised rates through the promotion of constitutional values and facilitating access to justice for the disadvantaged and vulnerable